Virtual and Augmented Reality Articles- for those who are new to the technologies

I have produced a list of AR and VR articles that could be useful for students and/or staff who are new to the technologies.  I limited it to 5 articles in each section so it wouldn’t be overwhelming for students.  All articles are on the BU library system and are full text.


We are hoping to publish our systematic review on HE and AR/VR later this year, so that will provide a more holistic list of suitable literature.


Virtual Reality Articles

Ata, R. 2016, An exploration of higher education teaching in Second Life in the context of blended learning. TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology. Turkey, 15, 3, 9-26, July. ISSN: 2146-7242.


Birt, J; et al. 2018, Mobile Mixed Reality for Experiential Learning and Simulation in Medical and Health Sciences Education. Information (2078-2489). 9, 2, 1, Feb. ISSN: 20782489.


Bower, M; Lee, MW; Dalgarno, B. 2017, Collaborative learning across physical and virtual worlds: Factors supporting and constraining learners in a blended reality environment. British Journal of Educational Technology. 48, 2, 407-430, Mar. 2017. ISSN: 00071013.


Savin-Baden, M; Falconer, L. 2016, Learning at the interstices; locating practical philosophies for understanding physical/virtual inter-spaces. Interactive Learning Environments. United Kingdom, 24, 5, 991-1003, July. ISSN: 1049-4820.


Steils, N, Tombs, G, Mawer, M, Savin-Baden, M, & Wimpenny, K 2015, ‘Implementing the liquid curriculum: The impact of virtual world learning on higher education’, Technology, Pedagogy And Education, 24, 2, pp. 155-170, PsycINFO, EBSCOhost, viewed 22 May 2018.


Augmented Reality Articles

Akçayır, M; et al. 2016, Augmented reality in science laboratories: The effects of augmented reality on university students’ laboratory skills and attitudes toward science laboratories. Computers in Human Behavior. 57, 334-342, Apr. ISSN: 07475632.


Achuthan, K; Francis, S; Diwakar, S. 2017, Augmented reflective learning and knowledge retention perceived among students in classrooms involving virtual laboratories. Education & Information Technologies. 22, 6, 2825-2855, Nov. ISSN: 13602357.


Martín-Gutiérrez, J, Fabiani, P, Benesova, W, Meneses, M, & Mora, C 2015, ‘Augmented reality to promote collaborative and autonomous learning in higher education’, Computers In Human Behavior, 51, Part B, pp. 752-761, PsycINFO, EBSCOhost, viewed 22 May 2018.


Hobbs, M., & Holley, D. 2016, ‘Using Augmented Reality to engage STEM students with an authentic curriculum’, EAI Endorsed Transactions On E-Learning, Vol 3, Iss 11, Pp 1-7 (2016), 11, p. 1, Directory of Open Access Journals, EBSCOhost, viewed 22 May 2018.


Rizov, R, & Dimova  2015, ‘AUGMENTED REALITY AS A TEACHING TOOL IN HIGHER EDUCATION’, International Journal Of Cognitive Research In Science, Engineering And Education, Vol 3, Iss 1, Pp 7-15 (2015), 1, p. 7, Directory of Open Access Journals, EBSCOhost, viewed 22 May 2018.


Any further information needed, please feel free to contact Heidi



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