iVLE – 20 working days to go

iVLE, this year’s PREP activity closes on Friday, 4 May 2018.   Click here for more information on iVLE.

If you have not already done so, can you please submit information on your group’s VLE activity using the link that is relevant to your faculty please?  The links are available here for HSS, FST, FMC and FoM.

If you are looking for inspiration, this post contains 20 ideas for PREP activities that have been undertaken by other members of staff.

2 Responses to “iVLE – 20 working days to go”

  1. Jim Pope's avatar Jim Pope

    Group: Jim Pope, Nathan Farrell, Billy Proctor.

    Regarding Brightspace, we feel that it has introduced some new features to the VLE which were absent from MyBu, and equally has lost some features which were available in MyBU. It has introduced sufficient capacity for innovation. The private forum facility is new and has been used by many students and tutors. It looks a bit different from Blackboard but that hasn’t caused any real problems. In fact it looks slightly nicer. Our idea was to use Brightspace for creating a co-ordinated approach to unit presentation between our different roles as teachers and learners, so that students have a consistent experience, as we look to enhance the student teaching-learning environment.

  2. Richard Williams's avatar Richard Williams

    One of my colleagues tells me that it is really good – I trust him and respect him, so I expect this is true


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