Flipped classrooms – the presentation launch of the BU touchscreens.

Last week saw the launch of the first of BU’s new touch screens, and the pilot of the ‘talk to a Learning Technologist’ lunchtimes 12.00-13.00  in the Staff Centre at Talbot Campus.  The event, including pancakes, started with a presentation by Professor Michael Wilmore, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Media and Communication, on a flipped classroom approach that was used very successfully at Swinburne University, Melbourne.  Michael gave an excellent demonstration of the new touch screen’s capability as he talked through the Prezi presentation on the process followed at Swinburne to develop units at the university.  The process at Swinburne was aided by a clear focus on the benefits for staff in terms of time saving, teaching prizes and promotion opportunities.  The Swinburne process is similar but more sophisticated than our new LEAP process and there are several ideas that we now plan to incorporate into LEAP.

The presentation can be accessed here:


The theoretical framework:

Kehoe, T., Schofield, P., Branigan, E. and Wilmore, M., ‘The Double Flip: Applying a Flipped Learning Approach to Teach the Teacher and Improving Student Satisfaction.’ Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice. (Accepted for publication, 31st October 2017)

Professor Debbie Holley introducing Professor Wilmore at the beginning of the presentation

Those staff based at Lansdowne will be pleased to hear that there is similar launch to be planned for the second touch screen which will be based on Lansdowne campus.



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