ALT Annual Conference 2018: Call for Proposals


the call for papers now open…

We now invite you to submit a proposal under one of the following themes:

  • Participation through Learning Technology: including how to use technology to work in partnership with learners, how to create engagement and built informed consent, critical digital literacy, accessibility and equity;
  • Collaboration for Learning Technology: such as working together on projects, scaling up innovation, the role of staff empowerment and leadership, collaboration or across institutions and countries, how learning technology can enhance (a)synchronous collaboration;
  • Critical perspectives in Learning Technology: critical, historical and political perspectives, research and analysis that question the purpose or impact of technology used for learning, teaching or assessment; learner driven education;
  • Openness and Learning Technology: for example open education practice, resources, policy for openness in education, open data and open governance;
  • Wildcard: if your work doesn’t relate directly to any of the conference themes, then we encourage you to select the wildcard theme when submitting your learning technology research, practice or policy work from any sector including Further Education, schools, vocational learning and training, lifelong learning and work-based learning.

You will need to select what kind of session you would like to run from the following options:

  • Work-in-progress report/experimental session(30 min, usually interactive and seeking feedback from participants)
  • Short presentation(20 min, with min.5 minutes for Q&A)
  • Research session(30 min, with min. 5 minutes for Q&A at the end, usually in the main auditorium)
  • Lightning talk(5 min, concise, punchy talk, usually in the main auditorium)
  • Poster & poster talk(digital/print poster + 5 min lightning talk, usually in the main auditorium)
  • Discussion panel or forum(1 hour, usually with min 3 presenters)
  • Workshop or demonstration(1 hour, usually BYOD for participants)

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