Carnival U’s Year in Review

BU’s Carnival U, which was launched in October 2017, had a fantastic start and great things are expected from the team come 2018. The BU Carnival University brings together students with an interest in events and media production to co-create a series of informative workshops to be presented at the Carnival Expo in May 2018. Under the guidance of Senior Lecturer in Events Management, Dr Nicole Ferdinand and the Carnival Expo organizers and exhibitors, students will undertake the preparation of 4 workshops that they think will interest their fellow university students. They will also document their journey to the Expo, which will culminate in a fully-funded weekend in London where students will have the opportunity to show-off what they have learned to each other and members of the public.

Carnival U team on a visit to London, from left to right from back row: Tracey, Diane, Desi, Cindy, Rui, Nicole (CEL Learning an Teaching Fellow  2017/18), Amelie, Simona and An Thu

The team, which thus far consists of 8 students, have embarked on a series of professional development activities to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to co-create the Carnival University. First off, the team had a master class in social media marketing led by Brilliant Fish PR and Marketing, after which they developed Carnival U’s social media policy. Key aspects of their policy are a focus on young people and regular and consistent updates on their channels, which include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Great content which features fantastic cultural events will also be a cornerstone. Follow Carnival U on their social media channels to keep up with their activities.

Follow Carnival U on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follows, likes and retweets are wecolmed!

The team also met with the client and co-sponsor of Carnival U, Mr Andrew Rajpaulsingh who clarified the aims of Carnival Expo and the role of Carnival U. Carnival U closed out the year with a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which hosted a series of sessions for the team which focused on audience engagement.

Carnival U is looking forward to an even more successful 2018 and would love your support. To kick-off 2018, they have entered the BU Research Photography Competition and they’d love your vote. Please remember them after January 12th when entries have closed and voting begins.

Carnival U wants your vote! Please vote for our entry ‘The Birth of Carnival U’

Bye for now and Happy New Year from Carnival U.

The BU Carnival University is made possible by a BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship Grant from CEL. Dr Nicole Ferdinand is one of BU’s four Learning and Teaching Fellows for 2017/18.

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