International Journal for Students as Partners: read, contribute, share…

We are delighted to let you know that the second issue of the International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP) is available from

The journal, which is hosted by McMaster University Library Press, is co-edited by students and staff/ faculty from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US.

In Issue 2 you will find an editorial, 2 opinion pieces, 4 research articles, 3 reflective essays, 3 case studies, and a book review. Together these contributions have been written by 15 students and 17 staff/faculty from 7 different countries.

If you enjoy this issue we hope you will support the journal in a variety of ways including:

  1. Writing for the journal in any of the genres we publish. Please contact us with your ideas. We encourage you to send us ( your proposals for articles, case studies, or reflective pieces before you submit them.
  2. Reviewing for IJSaP. We will provide training for inexperienced reviewers. If you are interested, please complete the reviewer expression of interest form.
  3. Telling others about the journal and contributions that you find particularly interesting. E.g. Twitter: @InterJournalSaP.
  4. Checking that your library lists IJSaP in their catalogue and knowing it is freely available from

We welcome hearing your views about the journal. Please send us an email (

Anthony Cliffe, Alison Cook-Sather, Rachel Guitman, Mick Healey, Ruth Healey, Beth Marquis, Kelly Matthews, Lucy Mercer-Mapstone, Anita Ntem, and Cherie Woolmer, the IJSaP Editorial Board


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