Why not give Xerte a try this semester?

Although not widely known Xerte Online Toolkits is a suite of browser based learning tools that have been available to all BU academic staff for roughly 3 years. They are currently used by a handful of lecturers. They are not included in BU’s TEL Toolkit but they can be accessed via https://xerte.bournemouth.ac.uk/ using your BU username and password.

So, what’s so great about Xerte? The simple, easy-to-use toolkits allow anyone with a web browser to quickly and easily create interactive learning materials that can be delivered to touch screen mobile phones, tablets and lap tops as well as large desktop computers. It allows learners to access a variety of resources, so that they can learn with the methods they prefer. It enables the developer to combine audio, video, learning games, web-links, quizzes and much more into a single learning object. An example of such an object can be found in the BU TEL Toolkit vision video shown below.

The learning object is used to teach MSc. Events Management students marketing and it combines Youtube videos with interactive links to websites, Facebook and Instagram to provide users with an interactive case study of a past student event.

I have been using Xerte for close to 3 years and have found them indispensable for creating real-life, interactive, multi-layered learning experiences for my students. I have created over thirty objects with only minimal instruction and have now mastered many of the templates. The below example is 1 of 5 interactive tasks I created for a learning object I use for teaching students event design.

Drag and drop interactive test created with Xerte Online Toolkits to teach Events Management

So if you’re thinking of trying something new and want to give Xerte a go, pop me an email at nferdinand@bournemouth.ac.uk. I’d love to help you get started.


Dr Nicole Ferdinand is currently leading the BU Carnival University, made possible by a BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship Grant from CEL.


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