Excited about Brightspace

It’s not often that I get excited by training. However, the training provided by the Brightspace team has sparked all sorts of internal conversations. The training was beautifully designed: I had my own ‘sandbox’ to play in and live support from the team. This was a sophisticated lesson to an educationalist about learning by doing and, judging by our responses as we experimented, “sensory contact with the results of doing” was evident (Reese, 2011, p1).

On Brightspace, which is now linked on the scrolling bar there are four units. Here is my view:

Research Methods is an exemplar unit crafted by Liz Falconer is a helpful template of the potential our new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) affords. Examples extend beyond the use as a repository for taught sessions and include embedded video clips, the video note feature in Brightspace, discussion boards, a padlet, and an avatar to introduce a section (make sure you are logged into Brightspace to view).

The PGCert is in the first wave of transitioning from MyBU to Brightspace. We are looking forward to using the tools Brightspace offers to support PGCert students.

What features are you inspired by in Brightspace?

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