Educational game development: ‘Duty calls’

By Peter Phillips

CEL Innovation Awards, Project Update

We were awarded money through the CEL innovation award to develop a prototype board game for student paramedics called Duty Calls. This game is a fun way for student paramedics to learn about the issues of professionalism and their responsibilities as aspiring healthcare professionals. Duty Calls has already been tested on a level 4 cohort of paramedic students which received positive feedback.

Since being awarded the money we have contacted a designer and supplier of healthcare related board games. We are obtaining a quote for helping in the design and production of Duty Calls, with a view to using the game in all undergraduate levels in Paramedic Science. The initial version of the Duty Calls board can be seen below.


Duty calls

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  1. Carol's avatar Carol

    Hi Pete and the team, well done – this looks like a great innovation. Keep up the good work.


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