Leading technology-enhanced learning online toolkit

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We’re pleased to share with you the latest addition to our Research and Development series which focuses on examining how strategic change initiatives and the embedding of technological developments in institutions may enhance students’ experience of higher education.

One specific strategic change-focused initiative was central to our examination was our Changing the Learning Landscape (CLL) initiative. CLL was a large scale change initiative that gave us the opportunity to discover “what works” in developing an understanding to what enablers best support digital delivery and successful outcomes for the student experience. You can find out more about the CLL project here: www.lfhe.ac.uk/cll

Professor Linda Evans and Professor Neil Morris, University of Leeds focuses on five case studies through qualitative interviews with the leaders of technology enhanced learning, academic and professional services staff as well as students.

Highlights from the research include:

  • Bottom-up change is more lasting and effective than top down. However, where support from the top was nominal or half-hearted then progress was limited.
  • The students that took part in the research identified that they valued digital interventions that made learning and their lives easier.
  • Four features of senior leadership were identified as being important in the change process: seniority and status, learning technology expertise, knowledge and understanding of the institution and its people and having a vision for TEL.

Leading technology-enhanced learning online toolkit
We are delighted that the authors have also produced the findings in digital form as an online toolkit, which will form an evidence-based checklist for academic development and TEL champions.

The online toolkit may be accessed via this link: www.lfhe.ac.uk/CLL-ISLO

You can download your copy from the links below

Full report: www.lfhe.ac.uk/Evans5.5


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