HEA launches a Patchwork Assessment Practice Guide

Apologies for cross posting, PGCert colleagues and others interested in patchwork texts may be interested

This Guide helps practitioners to develop patchwork assessment processes across a range of domains and aids subsequent implementation at institutional and practitioner levels. It provides practitioners with a set of overarching principles for implementing successful patchwork assessment processes. In addition, it covers the parameters of patchwork assessment whilst outlining what falls outside of scope. The Guide considers implications for staff when operationalising patchwork assessment processes and examines possible impact on students. It also provides a set of key questions which practitioners might wish to consider for aiding decision-making about adopting this innovative approach. This is complemented by a series of case studies demonstrating the utility of patchwork assessment processes in a range of contexts as well as providing brief synopses of others’ work in this domain alongside further resources. – See more at: https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resource/patchwork-assessment-practice-guide#sthash.BJp1QMy8.dpuf

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