Blackboard Collaborate added to the TEL Toolkit

The virtual classroom functionality which uses Blackboard’s Collaborate software has been added to the TEL Toolkit.  Please click here for information on Collaborate.

We are still in the testing phase of Collaborate and the testing will run until the end of December.  After that time, we will review the situation and may continue the trial.

Collaborate is very flexible and has been used this week for three different purposes:

  1.  At the PAL Conference last weekend, Collaborate was demonstrated as a way of recording PAL sessions that can be assessed as reminders of what was agreed and also for those unable to attend the session.  The material could then be used next year as a flipped classroom where the Leaders view the material in advance and come along to the session to build on the information, ask questions etc.
  2. One academic in the FoM used Collaborate for the the first time for a meeting with dispersed attendees and reported afterwards ‘Just to say we had a great session using Collaborate – worked really well’.
  3. We have been discussing with the Placement Advisors how Collaborate can be used to conduct reviews with students on placement.  One of the benefits identified for using Collaborate for this purpose was the recording of the session and how this would enable the participants to concentrate on the content and discussion without having to pause to take notes.

If you are interested in trialling Collaborate, please contact David Biggins.  The system is very easy to use and requires only an internet-connected computer with camera and microphone.  You will be up and running in minutes.

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