Are you using Padlet?

Padlet is a free application used to create an online board that you can use to display information for any topic.  It is easy to creare an account and start building a new board.  You can add images, links, videos, and more to the board and customise with wallpapers.

Here is a sample of a wall from a PGCE unit where the application was being introduced.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-06-40-31A sample padlet wall – including the use of the toilet brush in education

Once you have created a Padlet, you can send a link to your colleagues or students.  When they click on the link, the wall opens and they can easily add and manage their content.  Walls can be linked together so that you could have walls for different areas of your subject area.

Use a Padlet to collect links and information to share with students.  By leaving the Padlet open you can continue to collect input and provoke discussions.  Students can be encouraged to contribute relevant sources.

I have not heard of anyone using Padlet as a basis for assessment but this may be feasible.

I use Padlet in my teaching to elicit feedback throughout my lectures and find it very useful to check before moving onto a new topic area.  Those tutors with large cohorts have found it useful as it gives voice to students who might otherwise be unwilling to speak in the presence of their peers or in large lectures.

We are collating information for a Padlet page in the TEL Toolkit so if you have any examples of Padlet walls that we can include or experiences to share, please contact David Biggins.

3 Responses to “Are you using Padlet?”

  1. Dana Colbourne's avatar Dana Colbourne


    I have been using Padlet during my teaching but it will only let me use it so many times, then it is asking for a payment. Can you clarify if Bournemouth University has a specific account or not?



  2. Beatrice's avatar Beatrice

    These types of websites publish feedback from their users,
    that might help you appraise their efficiency and accomplishment pace across all games.


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