Drop in sessions and stalls for the student-led co-creation funding scheme

In view of the next round of call for the student-led co-creation fund, the Centre for Excellence in Learning and SUBU are setting up stalls and drop in sessions to provide interested final year undergraduate students and academics with relevant information about the funding scheme. The stalls and drop in sessions shall take place as per the following schedules:



Monday 24th – Tuesday 25th Oct, 11 – 1 pm  @ Talbot, outside the student shop in Poole House

Friday 28th Oct, 11-1pm @ Lansdowne, BOHO lounge in Bournemouth House

Drop in sessions:

Wednesday 26th Oct 11-1pm @ Talbot, PG30a (CEL space) in Poole House

Thursday 27th  Oct, 11-2pm  @ Talbot, PG30a (CEL space) in Poole House


The co-creation project funds student-led, collaborative projects delivering co-created outputs between  a student and an academic. Whether that’s a paper, presentation or product, the output is important. Projects don’t have to form part of a particular unit of a curriculum and it is open to final year students. Successful proposals receive up to £500.

The deadline for application is 25 November 2016 at 5pm.

Application form can be accessed from the following link: cel_subu_co-creation-student-projectsautumn2016

Submission should be made to: Dr Marcellus Mbah

At the drop in sessions and stalls, we shall provide more details about the funding scheme, answer questions from interested students and academics, as well as provide a flavour of projects that were funded last year. We would be grateful if you can give this information the widest publicity amongst final year undergraduate students of the university.

2 Responses to “Drop in sessions and stalls for the student-led co-creation funding scheme”

  1. Thaomy Le's avatar Thaomy Le


    I missed out the drop in sessions because I found this out last minute and didn’t know about the event. Can you go through the brief with me and for the one ‘condition’ what do you mean by ‘co-create’ it with an academic member?

    Best Regards

    • Marcellus Mbah's avatar Marcellus Mbah

      Hi Thaomy,

      By “co-create” we simply mean students and staffs working together. However, the student takes the lead in identifying what he or she wants to research or work on and then contacts an academic. If you are a member of staff or student, I am happy to meet for a chat on this.

      Kind wishes!



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