Thinking about updating myBU? Here are some suggestions to consider

A wide range of content can be added to units in myBU varying from basic text and web links to video and social media feeds. A standard unit will be created in myBU with the following menu items:

  • Announcements – This is default landing page for the unit where announcements can be added. Announcements are used to provide up to date information about the unit highlighting any changes, cancellations, important notices and information on assignment.
  • Unit Information – This is a content area where the unit guide and teaching schedule can be uploaded.
  • Unit Materials – This is content area where teaching materials and other resources can be added and uploaded e.g. lecture slides, handouts, web links, learning modules.
  • Unit Video (Unavailable by default) – This area links to any Panopto video content which is associated with the unit. E.g. recorded lectures, presentations, tutorials and uploaded videos.
  • Assessment – This is a content area for information on the unit assessment activities which should include assignment briefs and marking criteria. This area is also used for Turnitin assignment boxes, large file submission boxes, online tests, assessed blogs/wikis and self/peer assessment.
  • Reading List – This automatically links to the Talis Aspire reading List system.
  • Tools – This links to tools that have been enabled for the unit. E.g. Discussion Boards.
  • Contacts – This area links to the contacts page where contact information for the teaching staff and administrative staff can be made available to students.
  • My Grades – This area allows students to access their individual grades and feedback for assessed activities that have been released via the Grade Centre.
  • Responding to your feedback (Unavailable by default) – This is content area where you can add responses to unit surveys, e.g. MUSE.

Click here to access the full information.

The use of lecture capture will be an important element of our teaching practice in 2016-17.  We are encouraging lecturers to make use of the facilities of Panopto to record lectures for students. There will be a new unit menu item in the myBU called Unit Videos which is where recording will be stored by default.

Please click here to learn more about Panopto.

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