myBU preparation for the next AY

There are a series of enhancements being made over the summer to make sure myBU delivers an improved and more consistent user experience for our students.

The enhancements are a direct response to student requests as part of their learning experience, and include academic feedback on their MUSE comments, plus more access to lecture capture resources.

Enhancements for students include

  • All unit menus will come with two new items as standard:
    • The ‘Response to Student Feedback’ item which will be used to respond to MUSE feedback in an open forum
    • The ‘Unit Video’ item which will make it easier for you to upload and share videos (e.g.: lecture capture or flipped classroom videos) to your units via Panopto, should you wish to.
  • ‘My Grades’ feature, which allows students to see their grades, will be consistent across all new units
  • Students will have continued access to all the units that they have studied, within their current programme for the duration of the programme.
  • Consistent unit homepage look and feel for all students

Enhancement for staff

  • You will continue to have access to your units from this Academic Year for the whole of the next Academic Year, meaning that you will now be able to access your current 2015/16 units through to the summer of 2017. You will also be able to gain access to units you are not currently on, much more quickly; there will be no more 24-hour delay.

How will this be achieved?

Each myBU unit Homepage has to be effectively reset to ensure that all of the features are available.  In order to do this, rollover has to be done in a different way this year and unit content will not be automatically transferred from 2015/16 units.  Content will need to be added into the unit after it has been automatically set up for 2016/17.

What do I need to do?

Your new 2016/17 units will appear from mid-August onwards. They will automatically contain their additional menu items, but you will now be able to choose how to manage the rest of the unit content in one of two ways:

  1. You can reuse content by copying it from the previous academic year. You can copy everything or just individual items. Content can be copied over in a few quick and simple steps. You will retain access to your 2015/16 units for 1 year after they have been completed.


  1. You can take this as an opportunity to start afresh and re-build your units. For ideas and best practice contact the Centre of Excellence in Learning (CEL), Faculty Learning Technologists and programme teams.


This change will also give you more control over what is copied over from your 2015/16 units into your 2016/17 units, and allow you to see almost immediately that the content has been copied over. And because your existing 2015/16 units will remain available to you for the whole of the coming Academic Year, you can even choose to selectively copy content across as you go.

The resources below provide the information you need to get started.

 Available Support

If having consulted the available help resources, you still require support, please log any queries/requests for help in SNOW (IT Help Desk) as soon as possible so a Learning Technologist can get in touch:

If you have any other questions about this approach, please contact Head of Library & Learning Support Services, Christine Fowler


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