Working in a virtual classroom

For the last few weeks we have be trialling a virtual classroom environment which used software provided by Blackboard.  The application is called Collaborate.

Collaborate allows you to create virtual spaces to which you can invite up to 100 students and colleagues and share video, audio, documents (PDFs, images and PowerPoints) and a whiteboard.  If you use the Chrome browser to access Collaborate, you can also share an application such as Word, Excel, SPSS and this means one person can work on a document and the participants can watch and comment in real time.

Last week, we held a drop-in session for those trialling the software to experience the environment and ask any questions.

Being able to record the session is a very useful feature of Collaborate.  The recordings are stored in the Collaborate cloud and are accessible via a link which means that anyone anywhere who has the link can see the recording.  The extent of editing these recording, as you can easily in Panopto, is yet to be investigated.

So far there are 35 people in the Collaborate pilot which is running over the summer.  If you would like to test the application please contact David Biggins.  Even if you don’t have students over the summer you could trial Collaborate with your colleagues, for co-creation projects with other academics, etc.

3 Responses to “Working in a virtual classroom”

  1. Philippa Hudson's avatar Philippa Hudson

    I’d be interested. I’m looking to flip my approach to learning with my L4 students in the new AY – seems a sensible and interactive forum to manage the pre-session work.
    Away from campus until Monday next – and on leave tomorrow but happy to discuss.

  2. lucy Stainer's avatar lucy Stainer

    Hi David,
    Did not go to the drop in session last week, but interested in following up.
    Lucy Stainer


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