Generic Assessment Criteria – newly revised

The newly revised Generic Assessment Criteria (6F – Generic Assessment Criteria: Procedure) were published on 14th June. The criteria have been reviewed by a CEL-led working group, with representatives from Faculties, SUBU and ADQ, and incorporate several important improvements.

To support the principle of assessment for learning, feedforward statements have been incorporated to underpin future learning, in addition to feedback statements. A clearer and neutral form of language is used which refers to the work submitted and not the student and the criteria are set out in landscape format for greater clarity and easier comparison between mark bands.

The new criteria are now available on the staff and student portals and will be incorporated into student handbooks for the next academic year. The new criteria will be imported into Turnitin to support assessment and SUBU will raise awareness of them with student reps.

The CEL Theme Leader for assessment and feedback, Anne Quinney, who has co-ordinated this initiative, will be arranging workshops for staff who wish to find out more about the new criteria and how they might use them.

Anne would like to thank the members of the working group for their valued contributions and the collaborative, good-humoured approach that enabled this policy document to be thoroughly revised, approved and in place for the next academic year.

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