National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Workshop with Prof Stephen Tee

Following the recent call for applications for NTFs, Professor Tee (himself an NTF) held a workshop today for interested parties. Attendance was limited but there has been some interest from a number of individuals across BU in terms of planning their cases for the future. CEL will organise further workshops in the autumn for those wanting to prepare themselves so do watch the blog for details; it is necessary for you to have institutional support and we are keen to have a pool of excellent educators ready for consideration so do think about getting involved.

In the interim, the advice that Steve shared included:

    • You can apply at varying levels of career-they will take into account your role/ position
    • HEA fellow, senior fellow or principal fellow are all welcome
    • There are three criteria- individual excellence/ transforming the student experience, raising the profile of excellence/ supporting and influencing colleagues, developing excellence/ commitment to one’s ongoing professional development
    • These will be rated independently but all three criteria need strong evidence
    • Important to think about evidence, be confident about your achievements, shout loudly
    • You need a USP, why is what you are doing better than others, having a theme is very important
    • Tell your story, your trajectory, pull together what you have done into a coherent whole
    • Intersperse your claim with quotes from others as evidence (start collecting in advance- who have you had an impact on)- pithy quotes are good; evaluative data helpful; peer reviewed comments on your impact;g. your publications on reading lists here and in other universities
    • Impact at individual, team, institutional level and possibly beyond to national and international
    • Leading staff development, workshops, working groupsall good evidence of influence
    • Your own development can include external examining, secondment, internship, student exchanges, expanding your impact and reach, conferencing, publishing, building networks
    • Remember to focus on the domains from the UKPSF

Professor Tee is happy for individuals to contact him to discuss further so please do take him up on the offer by contacting him at ‘’.

Professor B Gail Thomas


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