Legal Skills development: the transformative mooting learning journey

Dr Max Lowenstein provides update on his project – “Legal Skills development: the transformative mooting learning journey“. This project, supported by the CEL Fusion Fund in the academic year 2015/15 has successfully developed 1st year law students as they prepared and delivered ‘advanced’ mooting skills via workshops and participated with non-law students across BU via show trials.  Mooting is essentially tests oral and written skills in an interactive court room environment.  The show trials involved judges, juries, witnesses and legal counsel.  Evidence of the positive student learning journey for law and non-law students can be found within the mooting videos and supporting information placed upon the Legal Skills website for the Law Department (soon to be published).  This website not only showcases student mooting, it also gathers rare student perceptions of advocacy sessions in which students were trained for witness handling.  The video data helps to showcase legal skills to those interested in the law.  It also provides an insight into how confidence and competence in legal skills can be advanced for law and non-law students wishing to acquire legal skills via   Please do contact Dr Max Lowenstein, if you would like to know more about how learning legal skills can be of benefit to your students or if as a student you would like to become more involved in mooting at:

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