Learning analytics and MOOCs – special edition

You might like to know that the special issue of Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (JCAL) on “Learning analytics in massively multi-user virtual environments and courses” is currently slated for publication shortly as Vol. 32, Issue 3 of the journal. In the meantime, the articles comprising the issue are available online through Wiley’s Early View initiative. If you are affiliated with a higher education institution with a subscription that includes JCAL, you should be able to access the content via your institution’s library; for your convenience, DOI links to each of the articles are included below.




Learning analytics in massively multi-user virtual environments and courses M.J.W. Lee, P.A. Kirschner and L. Kester





A MOOC based on blended pedagogy

  1. Rayyan, C. Fredericks, K.F. Colvin, A. Liu, R. Teodorescu, A. Barrantes, A. Pawl, D.T. Seaton and D.E. Pritchard



Understanding MOOC students: motivations and behaviours indicative of MOOC completion B.K. Pursel, L. Zhang, K.W. Jablokow, G.W. Choi and D. Velegol



The role of students’ motivation and participation in predicting performance in a MOOC P.G. de Barba, G.E. Kennedy and M.D. Ainley



Who are the top contributors in a MOOC? Relating participants’ performance and contributions C. Alario-Hoyos, P. J. Muñoz-Merino, M. Pérez-Sanagustín, C. Delgado Kloos and H. A. Parada G.



Connecting performance to social structure and pedagogy as a pathway to scaling learning analytics in MOOCs: an exploratory study S.P. Goggins, K.D. Galyen and J.M. Laffey

http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/jcal.12129 (This link is not yet active as the article is undergoing some corrections.)


Towards general models of effective science inquiry in virtual performance assessments R.S. Baker, J. Clarke-Midura and J. Ocumpaugh





The MOOC and learning analytics innovation cycle (MOLAC): a reflective summary of ongoing research and its challenges H. Drachsler and M. Kalz




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Mark J.W. Lee, Paul A. Kirschner and Liesbeth Kester Editors

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