3 super-convincing reasons to complete the digital skills self-assessment

Many staff will have received the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Toolkit pouch in the post in the last week.  In addition to the TEL Toolkit where you can learn of the many pedagogic ways of using TEL in your teaching and learning, the pouch also contained information on the digital skills self-assessment.  We are asking staff to spend 15 minutes to complete the digital skills self-assessment online questionnaire.

Why would you do that?

Here are our three reasons:

  1.  The self-assessment will give you a good understanding of your digital skills.  It will remind you of all the digital skills you already possess and may also prompt you to look at other skills with which you are not so confident or familiar.  Details of all the tools listed in the self-assessment questionnaire can be found in the TEL Toolkit.
  2. We are trying to build a picture of digital skills in BU so that we can focus resources, help, support and assistance where it can most benefit BU staff.  To enable us to make informed decisions, we first need the data so please fill out the questionnaire.  You can enter your name on the questionnaire or  leave the name field blank if your prefer.  All we do ask for is your Faculty/Professional Service and Department.
  3. The questionnaire has been designed to be as speedy as possible.  It takes only about 15 minutes.  The time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.  It really takes very little time.  We appreciate you are very busy but think how good you will feel when you have completed it!

We hope we have convinced you to fill out the questionnaire?

Very many thanks!

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