Self-assessing your digital skills

In line with the release of the TEL Toolkit, we are hoping that staff who use the digital tools such as myBU, Panopto etc will be willing to take part in a self-assessment so that CEL can build a picture of tool usage/awareness and digital skills across the University.  With a wide range of tools available, the self-assessment seeks to map out the landscape of confidence levels by faculty, department and tool.

The self-assessment will consist of a short, on-line questionnaire.  The questionnaire will ask for a Faculty name and department and you can choose whether to include your name.  We estimate that you can complete the questionnaire in about 5 minutes.  We see the self-assessment questionnaire being filled in on a recurring basis, at most twice a year.

Completing the questionnaire will be optional.

We hope that staff will be willing to complete the questionnaire so that we can construct an accurate and comprehensive picture for BU.  The information collected will be used to focus the seminar, workshop and support activity of CEL, Library and Learning Support and Organisational Development onto those tools and pedagogies where more help and support is needed.  If staff choose to identify themselves in the questionnaire and are willing to help others in using the tools we can also, over time, build a broad and sustainable base for using TEL tools in BU.

In addition to the organisational benefits, individuals can use the results of the assessment to identify opportunities for further development and, over time, to demonstrate broader and deeper TEL skills.

The aim of the TEL Toolkit is to raise the confidence of staff in using digital tools and thereby to improve learning and teaching which should lead to improved student experiences.  The self-assessment information is the means by which we can focus our activities, develop the Toolkit and its contents and monitor our progress over time.

We are hoping to trial the questionnaire during the launch week of the Toolkit, in two weeks’ time.

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