Employability and helping students to boost their CV

Carly Lamont, CEL Theme Leader for Employability and Work-based Learning, delivered a CEL Roadshow presentation to the Careers and Employability Service recently and some interesting discussions took place regarding the fantastic service and resources offered to students across the university by the Careers and Employability Team. In particular, discussions highlighted the need to get word ‘out there’ to students and staff about the benefits of registering on mycareerhub and enrolling on the Student Development Award (SDA).

Following the event, a meeting took place between Carly and Sonya Harvey (Sonya is responsible for the SDA) to discuss how to encourage students to engage with mycareerhub and to enrol on the SDA. As a result, Carly delivered a short presentation to the Level 4 Business Studies students and to the Level 4 BSc Marketing students during one of their lectures (thanks to Rebecca Hindley for allowing her the time) to make students aware of the opportunities available to them.

We need to inform all students across the university about mycareerhub and the resources and guidance it provides relating to employability, graduate jobs and ways of boosting CVs. The SDA is one of a number of initiatives offered by BU that can make a significant impact on employment prospects and opportunities as it enables students to record and evidence their development and achievements in a number of areas other than those related solely to academic achievements.

The key to employability is being able to demonstrate not only a high standard of academic achievement but also a broad range of interpersonal skills, self-awareness, risk awareness and adaptability. Without a doubt, the SDA is the ideal vehicle to steer students down this developmental path, taking them on a journey of self-reflection and enlightenment with a view to reach the destination of their choice.

Perhaps you could help to promote the Careers and Employability Service, encourage students to register on mycareerhub and enrol on the SDA by presenting the attached self-explanatory slides during one of your lectures (10 mins) and post in your units on myBU. Please click on the link below.

Careers and employability student services



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