A first look at the TEL toolkit

One of the CEL/Vision4Learning initiatives this semester is to produce a central repository of technology enhance learning tools that can be deployed in teaching and learning, the TEL toolkit.

The plan is that the toolkit will contain information, guidance, videos and other supporting material that will help you gain the most from the available technology.

The toolkit will bMockup20Oct15e accessible either pedagogically or via tool name.  Thus, for example, you will be able to enquire about ways to develop student engagement or assessment from the pedagogic perspective and also learn more about specific tools such as Panopto.  Links between the approaches and the tools will enable you to move around the toolkit for example seeing tools similar to Panopto or that a particular tool is one of many suggested for one of more pedagogic approaches.

We are working to launch the toolkit in semester 2.

Currently, we are collating lists of the tools we currently use and where the information about these are stored around the university.  If you have material that could be included in the toolkit, please let us know.

In a meeting yesterday, we had a first look at the toolkit design.  It is looking excellent.

To see the screen mockups, you can go to the CEL\Public\Toolkit directory on the I drive or open this link: TEL current statev02

We will update in the coming weeks as the toolkit develops.

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