SMART TOURISM/ LIFESTREAM / Festival of Learning/ IFITTtalk@Bournemouth

Smart Tourism Workshop lifestream
We will lifestream the event.
Follow the links to below to access the sessions
(the links will be active during the event)

13:00 – 13:15  Welcome and introductions
Professor John Vinney : Welcome to Bournemouth University
Professor Dimitrios Buhalis and Jon Weaver (Bournemouth Tourism) : Welcome to the day

13:15-13:45 KEYNOTE:
© Cedric Chambaz (Microsoft) Intelligent platforms and shifting search paradigms

13:45 -15:30
Smart Tourism – THEORETICAL CONCEPTS cutting edge developments and global best practice
© Professor Dimitrios Buhalis : Smartness, agility, innovation, cocreation in tourism
© Professor Janet Dickinson : The internet of Things
© Kim Boes : Smart Tourism frameworks
© Dr Nigel Williams Community crosstalk- real time twitter conversations
© Dr Philip Alford : Entrepreneurial SMEs: Achieving agility through smarter, data-driven marketing
© Dr Barbara Neuhofer : Smart tourism and cocreation of experiences
16:00-16:30 KEYNOTE:
© Antonio Lopez De Avila (SEGITTUR-Spain): Smart tourism destinations – Making Spain a smart destination


Smart Tourism – PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS for tourism destinations and Bournemouth

© Jon Weaver (Bournemouth Tourism) : Bournemouth as a smart destination
© Jamie Sergeant (Crowd) : Digital platforms for destinations around the world
© Justin Reid (Tripadvisor) : Harnessing the power of the public
© Anthony Climpson (New Forest Destination Partnership) : Smarting the small business
© Sara Uzzell (Chair Bournemouth Tourism Marketing Group): Stakeholders approach to smartness
© Richard Veal (New Mind) : Destination Management Systems and Interoperability
© David Ford (Chairman Silicon South) : Interconnecting Bournemouth
© Cristina Blaj (eRevMax): Smart Hospitality Data and Revenue Management
© Adam Smith (DUETTO) : Revenue Strategies, Profitability and Economic Impacts
© Adam Troman (Fusion WiFi): Connecting Bournemouth and creating infostructure
© Giovanni Landi (ETT): Augmented Reality in Tourism and Cultural Heritage

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