Working papers

Roger Brownsword “Law, Authority, and Respect in Our Information Societies: Three Waves of Technological Disruption”

Working Paper No. 03-2021 June 2021 In our information societies, we act, interact, and transact in environments that are located at various points on a spectrum running from offline (analogue) to online (digital). Typically, the more that we move away from offline environments, the more that technologies bear the regulatory load; and, concomitantly, the greater… Read more »

Ruth Towse “Covid-19 and Creative Industries in the UK – the Destruction of Creativity”

Working Paper No. 02-2021 May 2021 Covid-19 has wreaked destruction in many parts of the creative industries, especially in the performing arts. In the UK, the government has put in place various policy measures to protect artists and the arts and culture. This article charts the progress of the measures, using a basic classification to… Read more »

Maurizio Borghi “The universal nature of performers’ rights under EU law”

Working Paper No. 01-2021 February 2021 Copyright’s neighbouring rights have been the subject of several referrals to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). In its judgment of 8 September 2020 in Case C‑265/19 (Recorded Artists Actors Performers Ltd v Phonographic Performance (Ireland) Ltd),  the Court has defined for the first time the… Read more »

Freyja van den Boom “Vehicle data controls: Balancing interests under the Trade Secrets Directive”

Working Paper No. 07-2020 November 2020 As vehicles are becoming more connected and increasingly autonomous, new opportunities emerge to use the data vehicles generate. Telematics is an example of how data generated through vehicle use, enables insurers to develop more accurate risk profiles and adequate premiums. Having access to vehicle data provides those who hold… Read more »