Autumn InfoSoc Seminar Series

“InfoSoc” is a project launched by the Law Department of Bournemouth University and inspired by the landmark research of professor Roger Brownsword. The idea is to map the landscape of contemporary informational interests and to evaluate a range of recognised and putative rights and wrongs associated with modern ‘information societies’.

The foundations of the InfoSoc project are discussed in the Working Paper “Infosoc 2018: Informational Rights, Informational Wrongs, and Regulatory Responsibilities”, which has been published as No.1 of the Bournemouth University Working Papers in Law series.

Autumn Seminar Series 2018

10 October 14.00, F109 – Melanie Klinkner “Divergent meaning of transitional justice principles: A Kosovo case study of social memory and incomplete transitional justice in the context of missing persons”

24 October 14.00, CG13 – Jeffrey Wale “Framing Informational Rights and Wrongs for the Future Person”

7 November 14.00, CG13 – Freyja Van den Boom “Telematics insurance and the duty of data portability”

14 November 14.00, CG13 – Max Lowenstein “Youth Court Sentencing Communication”

5 December 14.00, CG13 – Gaye Orr & Amanda Wilding Pinkney “The Adopted Person and their Information: Perspectives on Informational Rights and Wrongs”