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Social Media in Education

There is valuable knowledge to be gained through social media such as analytics and insight on various topics or issues for study purposes. Social media is also a medium where students can establish beneficial connections in their careers. As an educational institution, it is crucial to be active in many social platforms possible, this helps… Read more »

Flexible learning in higher education

Higher Education Academy believes that flexible learning is about empowering students by offering them choices in how, what, when and where they learn: the pace, place and mode of delivery. Flexible learning requires a balance of power between institutions and students, and seeks to find ways in which choice can be provided that is economically… Read more »

Senior UK academics call for people’s vote to save universities

Prof Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, and director of the Crick Institute, London, says a new vote on Brexit is ‘the only way out’. Prof Michael Arthur, head of UCL, fears for the morale of his European students and staff and for research funding. Interesting article from The Guardian. Read more

What does the FE college of the future look like?

In the same way that machines changed the lives of our ancestors in the 19th century, so technology is transforming our world in the 21st century. Here, we imagine a day in the life of a further education principal in a few years’ time. Your students’ learning is immersive, interactive, flexible, fun and, most importantly, personalised… Read more »

Panopto Annual Conference 2018

Two members of the BU CEL team attended the Panopto EMEA Annual Conference 2018: Your Video Learning Ecosystem in London. The event contains a mix of presentations, talks, and sessions that focused on Technology and Teaching & Learning. In keynote presentations from the co-founder and CEO, Eric Burns, the company looked ahead to the future… Read more »

Lecture capture: vital learning aid or a licence to skip class?

Academics say that online recordings must be emphasised as a supplementary resource, not an alternative to lectures, or some students lose out….. Dr Edwards added that one of the ways to counteract the drop in attendance was to ensure that lectures provide something special that cannot be replicated in a recording. If lectures are interactive… Read more »