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Live streaming a Panopto recording

You can live-stream a Panopto recording to your students in other rooms around campus or around the world. (click on the link below) How can I livestream as well as record my lecture in Panopto?    

Equality, Social Justice & the Windrush Generation/Ivory Tower Book Launch

October is Black History Month in the UK, across the country, numerous events are being held to celebrate the enormous contribution members of the Windrush generation have made to this country. Bournemouth University celebrated the 70th anniversary of Windrush on 5th October. The launch of the book “Ivory Tower” was also on that day, the… Read more »

Creating immersive spaces for all

The spaces 4D create, transform classrooms into interactive and immersive experiences that facilitate flexible and experiential approaches to education. Pupils are able to influence, develop and take control of their own learning, whilst the role of the tutor evolves to become one of a facilitator, collaborator, producer and author. The positive impact a 4D immersive… Read more »


Virtual reality is one of the hottest edtech trends. Not only are students allowed the opportunity to emerge themselves into a subject but can travel the world from their desk chairs. While not readily available in every classroom, programs such as Google Cardboard aim to make VR headsets cheap and accessible. The majority of students own a… Read more »

Wearable Tech Gadget ‘BIRD’ turns any surface into a Touch Screen & More

‘Bird’ is a tiny wearable device developed by an Israel-based startup, MUV Interactive that will let you interact with your wall and other surfaces through gestures & touch. Apart from touch, Bird will let users also interact with screens with gestures such as push, pull, drag & drop. It captures motion, proximity to even decode… Read more »

Online Training (PST)

I did my first online PST training with the Guernsey Programme Support team.  Even though I have delivered this training face to face I didn’t know how it was going to manifest in an online environment.  It felt new and strange and I was unsure what to expect.  I was happy and excited to deliver… Read more »

Upcoming New Technologies

5G Technology. 5G is short for ‘fifth generation mobile networks’. The main benefits of 5G are expected to be that it will be much faster – some are saying as much as 100 times faster than previous generations. Convertible Tablets/Laptops. Simple tablets and laptops with finger touch technology are giving way to more convertible devices with robust capabilities… Read more »

5 Education Technology Trends in 2018

The world of education is already being introduced to new technology trends in 2018. As school objectives evolve and technology advances, new teaching methods and EdTech trends emerge each year. Technology in education constantly disrupts and enhances pedagogy. It paves the way for new learning experiences and provides innovative ways to achieve core goals for… Read more »