An overview of my time as a student at BU

This is a guest blog by current student Laura Mann. I’m a third year student ambassador, studying computer visualisation and animation. Bournemouth University was definitely the right choice for me as it is home to the National Center for Computer Animation (NCCA) which has won several awards and has unrivalled industry links (something that applies… Read more »

A year in the life of a BU AFC Bournemouth Student Ambassador

The first AFC Bournemouth Premier League season was extremely successful and I think one of the reasons for this success, at least in how the home games were managed, was the great job done by BU Ambassadors. This season we have significantly expanded the ambassador programme, recruiting eight new ambassadors. Our new student ambassadors have… Read more »

The BU Community

I like to think of Bournemouth University, not just as a group of buildings where students come to begin a day of learning and head back home again, but a community, which strives for a welcoming, friendly atmosphere – whether it’s your first day as a student or your last. It’s comforting to think of… Read more »