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What exactly is a Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors are the student faces of the university, representing it both in person and online. They are a diverse group, each bringing unique skills and characteristics to the table.

Being a Student Ambassador is about communication, leadership, and adaptability, but also the willingness to inspire and connect with others. Overall, being an Ambassador is about personal and professional growth, contributing to campus life, and inspiring the next generation of students.

Different teams and roles 

Student Ambassadors engage in a variety of teams and roles, showcasing their versatility. Whether it is assisting with school visits, responding to enquiries, representing the university at events, producing digital marketing content, or providing online guidance through Unibuddy, the scope is broad. Each role contributes to creating a vibrant and supportive university community.

The experience 

Being a Student Ambassador is more than just sharing information about the university. It’s about giving campus tours, representing specific courses or departments, and supporting various events. This can include attending external events on behalf of the university, sharing experiences through presentations, and even supervising students during summer residential events. The online aspect involves supporting university events and marketing activities, offering firsthand advice through Unibuddy, and creating engaging content through blogs and vlogs. Being a Student Ambassador is valuable experience and is an amazing community to be a part of.

Skills you gain as a Student Ambassador 

The Student Ambassador journey is transformative, shaping essential skills for personal and professional growth. From flourishing confidence through public engagement to honing presentation and speaking skills at events, the role is a holistic learning experience. Additionally, Student Ambassadors acquire a diverse skill set, from communication and teamwork to digital marketing and problem-solving. Engaging in activities such as event management and online interaction further enriches their capabilities. Ambassadors also make valuable connections contributing to future opportunities, which alongside these highly sought-after transferable skills, position Student Ambassadors as adept individuals in the competitive landscape.

Where can it lead?

For many Student Ambassadors, including myself, the role becomes a stepping stone to additional opportunities, such as becoming a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader, a Student Rep, or volunteering in positions that leverage their acquired skills as a natural progression. The role opens doors to exploring diverse roles and responsibilities within the university community.


Why become a Student Ambassador? 

Becoming a Student Ambassador offers students a chance to contribute to campus life, build connections for life, and enhance a variety of skills that are transferable to future roles. The role is not only enriching but also enjoyable, providing exciting experiences and a dynamic environment.

Student Ambassador is not just a role; it’s a transformative experience. An opportunity to inspire, connect, and grow personally and professionally. A chance to shape a vibrant university community and leave a lasting impact on those who follow in your footsteps. Why not join the rewarding journey and unlock a world of opportunities as a Student Ambassador!

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