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As the chilly weather is at my doorstep, days are getting dark sooner and seeing my breath more vividly in the cold, I can feel my first winter in the UK is close. UK winter can be challenging, especially for an international student coming from a tropical country like Vietnam like me. However, by preparing in advance and getting advice from other alumni, I have made a winter survival kit and wish to share it with you in this blog. Follow me to find out more!

Wearing warm clothes is a must

One of the things on the top of my winter survival kit is to get warm clothes. Even though it is warm while staying indoors and at the university campus, our bodies may experience temperature shock if we dress in light clothes. Chilly weather can come with drizzle or wind; therefore, a durable winter jacket, a beanie, a scarf, and gloves are the essential things you will need to best prepare for a UK winter.

If you start your course in January like me and haven’t packed winter clothes with you, Black Friday or Cyber Monday can be an ideal time to shop, especially when you are on a budget. Moreover, if you want to have a more affordable and sustainable option, shopping at charity shops can be a great alternative while doing good cause for society.

Making yourself a hot chocolate

When winter started, I struggled to adapt to the new weather condition and time difference. Sometimes my body feels tired, and the gloomy weather can make me feel depressed for no reason. To keep myself staying positive during these days, I have made myself a list of little things that can boost my winter mood.

From making myself a hot chocolate, joining a yoga class, going to bed before midnight, having a movie night with my classmates, and exploring the Christmas market, I have tried adding more excitement to my daily routine.

Keeping your curtain open

UK wintertime starts from the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March. During this time, the days are getting shorter and darker. Therefore, it’s essential to take advantage of the sun whenever it is out. Even on cloudy days, keeping your curtain open can help you get more sunlight and absorb more vitamin D.

Taking time during daylight to go for a walk or do some outdoor activities will help you stay fit and de-stress during assignment seasons.

I believe each person will have different ways to welcome winter. I hope my simple winter survival kit will help you keep warm and best prepare for winter while making unforgettable memories of your studying and living experience in the UK.

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