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BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing and Security

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Me in my BU Student Ambassador hoodie

Hi! My name is Andrew, and I have been a Student Ambassador at Bournemouth University since June 2023.

In this blog, I am going to talk about my favourite perks of being a Student Ambassador, in no particular order!

Flexible work around your studies & other commitments

One of the best parts of being a Student Ambassador is that there is no minimum number of hours that you need to work, as it is very flexible and allows you to work when you want and can.

All of the job opportunities are posted on the Ambassador dashboard, so you can choose to only accept the ones you can and would like to work. This is beneficial and means that you can prioritise your studies around busy times like nearing assignment deadlines or during exam periods, making it an ideal job for students!

Great way to enhance your CV

Being an ambassador is a great addition to your CV, and you can use many examples from your work in future job interviews. Gaining additional experience like this shows great initiative and could help make you stand out to future employers, as gaining experience can sometimes be challenging.

Opportunities to work a large range of roles (and make new friends along the way!)

There are many options of roles that you can work within the job of a Student Ambassador, it is not limited to working Open Days!

Personally, I’m part of the Digital Marketing Ambassador team, which involves writing blogs (like this one!) and creating vlog/social media content for BU, and I am also a Unibuddy Ambassador, so I appear on the BU Unibuddy page where prospective students can ask questions to current students!

There is also the option to join the School Liaisons team, which works on inspiring younger people.

Great rates of pay, and pink uniform!

Lastly, being a Student Ambassador pays well, as the current standard hourly rate for the 2023/2024 financial year is £11.81 an hour, which is a higher than many other part time job opportunities students may typically work, so certainly no complaints there!

You will also receive your own lovely pink uniform, which is yours to keep for the duration of your employment! Being able to wear a hoodie as my uniform is also really nice, as personally I find it really comfortable!

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