Agata’s Unilet experience!

Some of you might have friends who are already at uni and your expectations related to accommodation might be based on their experience. Hence why it is important to discover your options at Bournemouth University. Get ready for that step and explore what’s available. There are three main types of accommodation offered to first year… Read more »

What to expect from a sports degree at BU?

BU offers a wide range of sports courses covering the aspects of management, psychology, development, therapy, coaching, etc in sports. When I was asked to choose a university out of 5 options, I went through the modules of each and every university and that’s how I landed on my decision to choose BU. Now you may… Read more »

What you can do to prepare for a nursing degree…

Preparing yourself for a nursing degree is both exciting and nerve-wracking! It has been three years since I started applying and I still remember how it made me feel. In recent years nursing has become more and more competitive to get into, and it’s important to have an idea of things you can do to… Read more »

Preparing for a BU Computing Degree

Have you ever thought about talking to technology? Would it not be fun to ask your TV the forecast for tomorrow or maybe tell your computer to find the spelling mistakes in the essay you’ve been working on? Well, that is exactly what we – the computing students – do, we talk to computers, we… Read more »

Agata’s Come dine with me week

University is not just all about studying and spending all your time in the library. It also about having fun, meeting new people, spending time with your friends and trying new things. Some people think that the only way of socialising at uni is going out clubbing. However, I completely disagree with that. There is… Read more »

So, what’s all this about volunteering?

During my second year at Bournemouth, I decided that I should get more involved with volunteering opportunities around me. I’d briefly looked at the SUBU Volunteering stand at Freshers Fair, but to be honest the free Starbucks and Lidl give away bags sort of distracted me! Still, I decided to be productive and get online… Read more »

Being a student rep – what you need to know

So you wanna be a student rep? Or maybe you’re just interested in what it involves… Student reps are voted for by their peers and spend the year representing the voices of the class, usually a ratio of 1 rep to 15-20 students. I was voted as student rep for my second and third year… Read more »