A perfect fit for my year abroad

I recently finished my undergraduate education in the United States where I have lived for most of my life. There were a few main reasons why I took my post graduate education outside the country, and more specifically at Bournemouth University. I have always enjoyed travelling, I have seen a few different places in my… Read more »

Pinewood Studios recruits BU graduates

Two postgraduate students used networking opportunities provided by their MA to open doors to their dream jobs. Now both working for Pinewood Studios Group, Jed Milton and Gianluca Romano met while studying for their Master’s in Sound Design for Film and Television last year. As students, the pair were invited to Short Sounds Film Festival… Read more »

Live chats to BU staff

Hi, my name is Garrett Bucklin, I am currently attending Bournemouth University. BU is a global and rather diverse university. This enhances your university experience and you get to meet all sorts of new people. What comes with this, is that the application process can become a bit tricky. When I was first applying to… Read more »

Online events and how they helped me

Moving from school to college especially in another country, is a time filled with excitement as well as a little fear about how things might be when you get there. It is  perfectly normal to feel like this, you will not be the only one in this situation and everyone else will have those same… Read more »

BU the centre of media excellence

I was very confused initially and was not able to make a decision about which university to apply to. I applied to 6 in the UK and got entry into all of them. Making the final decision was the most crucial part. I read a lot of research about each one and spoke to family… Read more »

Why I fell in love with Bournemouth

Since I was 12 years old, I knew that I wanted to do something related to film and media after school because of my passion for writing, I decided that scriptwriting might be the right path for me. When it was time to decide on where to study, my first instinct was to search for… Read more »