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Hi,  I’m Emily a current student studying here at BU and thought I would blog about the Mini Open Days that are coming up before the UCAS deadline on the 15 January!!

Couldn’t make it to one of our main open days in October or November? No need to worry, you can still come along to one of the Mini Open Days!

What is a Mini Open Day?

Mini Open Days are a useful alternative to main Open Days and give visitors a taste of what it’s like to study at BU. You get to see the uni facilities on a guided tour by one of the Student Ambassadors as well as find out more about the courses available from staff and students. They are a little smaller that the main Open Day’s so provide a great picture of what life on campus is really like.

Why should you come?

There may not be as much going on at a Mini Open Day as there is at a main open day but if you’re considering BU then it’s really useful to come along and get an idea of what the university is all about. Here are some of the reasons why you should come along:

1)      To get a feel for the place – Touring the facilities is great, not only because the uni has some pretty impressive buildings and equipment, but because you really get a feel for the kind of environment you’d be studying in. Getting to know the campus and what goes on where helps you to figure out whether you can picture yourself as a student at BU. I found this was what made my mind up on the mini open day I attended – as cheesy as it sounds, I felt like I belonged here.

2)      To find out about life as a student – On your tour you get access to the Student Ambassadors. They are brilliant to ask questions to as they have so much knowledge to share – from where you should sit in the library to where has the best cocktails . Get all you can out of them because they’re the ones that can give you an honest picture of what it’s like to be a student at BU.

3)      To see if the course is right for you – Speaking to staff and students about your course is so important and super helpful. You can get a good feel for what the degree entails, what the lecturers are like and what current students think about the course. Alternatively, if you don’t know what you’re planning on studying it’s a great opportunity to ask some questions about the courses that take your interest and work out which one’s for you.

4)      To see if you want to live here – I would definitely recommend taking some time before or after a mini open day to have a look around Bournemouth and the surrounding area. Location is a key factor to consider as you’ll be living in the area of your university for at least three years so it should be somewhere you enjoy being. However, this doesn’t tend to be a problem for Bournemouth as it’s surrounded by beaches, gardens and the New Forest is only half an hour away – what more could you want?!

When are the Mini Open Days?

Hopefully this has given you a good idea of what’s involved in a mini open day and has encouraged you to come and visit!


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