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MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology

Hello guys. I am Talya from Turkey, and I am studying MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology here at BU. If you’re a student who would like to study at BU, I will give you some funding options to consider before managing your finances.

Initially the course you are interested in and your previous work experience in the field you would like to study will have an impact on your scholarship results. For a student applying from Turkey, there are scholarships available to study in the UK.

BU Scholarships for international (non-EU students) postgraduate students

As Turkish students are not considered as EU students, we are eligible for international scholarships. Taking into consideration that course fees for international students are much higher than EU and home students in UK universities, scholarships are a great way to fund your studies. When I received an unconditional offer from Bournemouth University, I received an academic excellence scholarship with my offer. I did not apply for it separately, BU assesses it automatically and deducts £2,500 from your total fees. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must apply to enrol in a full-time study and need to have an excellent previous qualification (80/100 for high school diploma or a final grade over 3.00/4.00 at university). Even though I automatically received this scholarship, I wanted to apply for a higher scholarship, the executive dean’s scholarship, which offers a 50% fee deduction. For more information about this funding option, you can read my other blog and find out more about the criteria.

Chevening scholarship

Chevening is a very prestigious scholarship provided by the UK government and also the British Council. If you are successful, you will receive funding covering your flight expenses, monthly expenses, visa and university fees. However, you need to provide proof that you will return back to your home country after your studies. I would like to work for the NHS after my studies so I decided Chevening wasn’t the best option for me. But if you want to come to study in the UK and then go back to Turkey that is fine. You should have sufficient English proficiency and should have excellent undergraduate results. After a successful application you will be called for an interview and will be asked to present your skills to show that you’re one step ahead of your peers in the field.

Are you interested in sports or music?

If you are more than just a gym rat and you believe you excel in sports and perhaps want to develop a career in this area, BU welcomes you with its sports Scholarship.  If you think you can showcase your talent in music and that you want to pursue a music career, you can apply for the music Scholarship.

BU offers a diverse range of scholarships to everyone from a variety of backgrounds. All you need to do is to demonstrate your skills and talents in the best way possible!