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from Turkey


MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology

Hey guys, this is Talya! I am an international student coming from Turkey, studying MSc in Clinical Psychology here in Bournemouth University. Today we are going to explore how is it like to be a student ambassador and will focus specifically on giving campus tours as part of the role. Let’s begin, shall we?

Why did I become a Student Ambassador?

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that you’re coming to the UK to study; which means our priority is being a student. Becoming a Student Ambassador offers flexibility and allows you to create your timesheet according to your availability. The role pays hourly, rather than giving you the full responsibility of being a full-time worker. Whether it is 10 hours or 30 hours that month, it helps you as a student for your expenses during your studies.

Another reason is that I believe I could have contributed with my communication and interpersonal skills as an international student, helping others around me. I applied way before coming to the UK and could not wait to be a part of the team! This not only gives you a chance to present your skills, it also helps you create your global network with other international students around you. Isn’t it great?

What are campus tours and why did I take part in the role?

During training to become a Student Ambassador, you will get to know everything about the campuses. These include history of the buildings, offered facilities, study areas and everything. Campus tours are offered to prospective students visiting BU and aim to provide relevant information to the applicants. I believe I am a very talkative and a friendly person, so I am currently doing a lot of campus tours to the prospective students.

How do you know if this role is for you?

If you think you are a motivating, talkative and an encouraging person to communicate with upcoming students, this job is tailored for you! Students from the USA, Italy, Spain… You get to know all cultures. I didn’t have the chance to come and have a campus tour myself, but I enjoy helping others explore the campus before coming here. The feedback you receive from the Ambassador team and prospective students will encourage you to do better! I quite enjoy talking to people from variety of cultures and get to know their background, while helping them find their ideal university and also accommodation. Make sure you smile and share your positive experiences. I always share how BU motivated me to find my interest and helped me during the visa and accommodation process.

Helping others always encourages me to do more and being a part of the Ambassador family was one of the best experiences I have had in Bournemouth so far. If you believe you can do it, you will be great for the role!