My scholarship story: BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism (International)

My name is Chanunya Boontosang, I’m 28 years old and I come from Thailand. I was awarded a BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism and therefore received a 50% deduction from my tuition fee to study MSc Events Marketing. This has such a massive impact for me! I first heard about this scholarship from a study… Read more » about My scholarship story: BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism (International)

The BU Community

I like to think of Bournemouth University, not just as a group of buildings where students come to begin a day of learning and head back home again, but a community, which strives for a welcoming, friendly atmosphere – whether it’s your first day as a student or your last. It’s comforting to think of… Read more » about The BU Community

Our growing campus

Bournemouth finally became a university in 1992 after being a College of Technology, an Institute of Higher Education and a Polytechnic. Its long and varied history means that the campus is constantly being upgraded and the buildings updated to ensure Bournemouth is a great place for future students and staff. Since I’m a member of… Read more » about Our growing campus

The Bournemouth Buzz

It should be noted that going out in Bournemouth is like putting on underwear – it’s essential. Whether you like to splash the cash or save your pennies, there is at least one bar or night out that is perfect for you. Almost every bar along ‘the strip’ (also known as Old Christchurch Road) has… Read more » about The Bournemouth Buzz