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My name is Chanunya Boontosang, I’m 28 years old and I come from Thailand. I was awarded a BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism and therefore received a 50% deduction from my tuition fee to study MSc Events Marketing. This has such a massive impact for me! I first heard about this scholarship from a study agency in Thailand (Mentor Education).  I asked about UK universities that offer scholarships. Once they told me about Bournemouth University, I applied immediately.Chanunya

During my application, I met Ryan Miles and Chris Hall several times at a Study Abroad fair in Bangkok and had a personal appointment at the agency to discuss my application and scholarship. Meanwhile, I was also offered a £4,000 scholarship from another university. I hesitated then, as by this point I had not received an offer from Bournemouth. Then I went to a Bournemouth University alumni party in Bangkok where I met Chris Hall and Ryan Miles again. I talked with them about potentially attending another university because I had been awarded a scholarship, when in truth I wanted to go to Bournemouth University.

When I received the offer of a scholarship from Bournemouth University my mind was made up, and I accepted the place at BU with open arms.

Obtaining a scholarship was extremely important to me.  I knew I would have to support myself in regards to living costs in the UK, while my relatives had kindly agreed to pay for my tuition fees and accommodation. I knew however, I would like to pay my relatives back once I graduated so I was keen to keep these costs down.

I am enjoying studying the units in the second trimester so much. I am currently gaining new knowledge in areas such as social media, digital marketing and how to use events as a marketing tool. I have had to deal with real clients for my assignments and the lecturers have lots of experience in this field. I also work part-time in the kitchens in a Thai restaurant; it’s tough to study and work at the same time. However, this is the way of life. Every minute is spent meaningfully.

Making a decision to study a Master’s degree in the UK was not just for a piece of paper, it was to obtain a degree to support my future life.  I also knew I wanted to gain life experience of being overseas. I always join in as many activities as I can. I am a member of the Thai Society, as an activity manager. I am also a Community Champion for SUBU (Student Union). I also volunteered for the Bournemouth Marathon which was a great day. I took street dancing classes at the Pavilion Dance South West studios, I have taken Thai boxing classes and I enjoy running along the beach.

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My top tip for any future international students is to spend valuable time experiencing life in the UK, not just studying, because extra activities and work experience broaden your future as well.

By Chanunya Boontosang

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