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Alice FiancetIt should be noted that going out in Bournemouth is like putting on underwear – it’s essential. Whether you like to splash the cash or save your pennies, there is at least one bar or night out that is perfect for you. Almost every bar along ‘the strip’ (also known as Old Christchurch Road) has a student night or discounts on offer certain nights a week so you are never without an event or deal that will entice you.

For those of you who have a little extra cash and love a good cocktail, Revolution Bar is one place to go for the high-class cocktail taste. This bar is not swarming with students so it is probably more for post-grads or mature students. Still, with half price food on a Monday and happy hour (2-4-1 cocktails) you should try a bubblegum sour or a strawberry woo woo at least once and if that doesn’t entice you, it’s free entry every night.Vodka

If you have a guilty pleasure for cheesy music and a particular love for the classics (Grease, Whitney Houston & S Club) then Vinyl is without a doubt going to be your new found love. Every night Vinyl hosts a different themed evening, but Tuesday is half-price cocktails and Friday is free entry to Cameo (which has three rooms) after 12pm, Vinyl is without a doubt a fun night reliving the 90s.

Toast held at Bar Me and Yate’s every Tuesday is full of the hits and free toast at the end of the night (hence the name). LollipopAnother food related night is Lollipop, held at the Old Fire Station by SUBU on a Friday night. There are three rooms (one dance, one classics and one hip hop and R&B), but unfortunately there are no free lollipops.

As you can see, there are lots of different nightclubs and types of events that are held in Bournemouth town centre. However, if you are more of a “let’s go to the pub for a quiet drink” type, there are many pubs and a Wetherspoons in the town centre that have the same buzz as the nightclubs but without all the loud music.

And if you are lucky enough to have a crazy bunch of friends that love a good dance then you are bound to have a great time no matter where you end up going.

By Alice Fiancet

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