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So, what am I doing today? I often find myself asking this question a lot. When all responsibility with school ends, you find that you have so much time available to you and it ultimately begs the question, do you have a social life?

I remember some of my cousins used to tease that I have a really boring social life. In my defence, I just think it’s a difference in opinion of what I find fun, what I think can be fun and what I’d probably never do. They often find themselves in the latter category so it isn’t my fault really. But above all, I like spending time with friends (or family), talking, laughing, catching up, maybe over a meal (I swear I’m not talkative, just a happy person). I tend to appreciate the quality time spent more than anything else.

My first point of contact – my flatmates. In a lot of ways I’m glad I met these people: Chloe, Viral, Steven and Jing. I can’t count the number of times we have ended up gathering around the lounge in our kitchen area to talk, share a meal, play a game of cards or Uno (sometimes with other mates on our floor) or gathered around in Chloe’s room to watch a movie! What I have enjoyed most of all are the times we just ended up sitting on the floor across each other in the corridor talking until late and then saying good night before heading to bed. I like that. A lot.


Then, I have my school or class mates. Group work, ha! Who would have thought that that would be an avenue for finding great friends? Fun fact – group members fight or rather have different opinions and tend to disagree a lot. But if you look beyond all that and the hard work that goes into group assignments, guess what? You’ve got a buddy to go to Dylan’s with or to the movies! If not, join a club or society or team as there are quite a number of them here at BU. Some of the people you’ll meet will probably become friends for life.


Finally, when it’s me, myself and I, what do I do? I indulge myself in my new obsession – Korean drama! Please don’t ask why. All I know is, it’s so captivating! If I’m not doing that, I practice and play the piano. It’s important to know how to entertain yourself when no one’s around, so be sure to find a hobby that you love! One thing I know for sure is, the people that have surrounded me have given me the best experience here at BU.



Now, back to Lee Min-ho (aww…)

By Theodora Yebuah