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Jessica-AlexanderI like to think of Bournemouth University, not just as a group of buildings where students come to begin a day of learning and head back home again, but a community, which strives for a welcoming, friendly atmosphere – whether it’s your first day as a student or your last. It’s comforting to think of the university this way, knowing that you’re in a place where you belong and you’ve worked hard to get there.

As well as making some really close friends, I have also made friends with people through working as a student ambassador, participating in other activities, such as becoming a student rep and just attending the gym. I may not necessarily spend a lot of time with these people, but when passing we say hello, or stop for a brief chat. You don’t have to know a great deal about someone to be polite and gracious. This is what makes a community.
Jess ambassador

Working as a Student Ambassador at the Careers Fair.

I believe that the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU) plays a major role in establishing a community feel. Students automatically become a part of SUBU as soon as they begin their university experience, therefore they automatically become part of a student led community. SUBU is not just a place for student support, but also a place student voices can be heard loud and clear.

SUBU is renowned for its local volunteering work. Last October SUBU volunteers gathered four tonnes of food and donated to local food banks, to help those who are most vulnerable. Their website allows students to view and apply for up and coming volunteering jobs. One community helping another!

Jess ambassador 2Part of the BU community in our pink ambassador hoodies!

The £10.5 million Student Centre, which has just been finished is now the new home to the Students’ Union. It offers more learning and social spaces, with its aim to give SUBU more recognition. Because of SUBU, students feel like they play an important role within the university. Each student makes up the university and the wonderful atmosphere that it has.

For more information on SUBU and their community work visit their website.

By Jessica Alexander

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