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BSc (Hons) Applied Geography


Louis ShermanThe Students’ Union at Bournemouth University is simply known as SUBU, and it is a key part of BU life. It is also important to every student’s experience over their time here and can make the university experience so much more than just lectures and assignments.

The list of stuff SUBU does for students goes on and on, so I’m just going to tell you about the variety of differenSUBU greent parts of SUBU I have taken part in. SUBU itself has been split into several different areas, truly creating something for everyone. For instance, I am a dedicated environmentalist and have tried to improve the ‘green’ nature of BU and SUBU. To do this I have taken part in a large number of SUBU Green projects. I am the communications officer for the newly formed ‘Green Taskforce’ which is a student body lobbying the university to become more green. I have also taken part in several Green projects, debates, guest lectures and the like.


Last year I was also a Green Ambassador. All these opportunities have been a huge part of my student experience and show the vast amount of stuff there is to do within just one little section of SUBU. Team this with SUBU volunteering and the multiple projects they run and you can see that no matter what your interest, SUBU has something for you.

The clubs and societies side of SUBU is vital to its ever-growing success as well and is without doubt one of the largest strengths of SUBU. There are over 100 of these and they vary from sports-orientated clubs to academic clubs to general interest clubs. Each of these clubs is massively unique and varies in how much they cost to join and how much they do. Some clubs only cost a pound to join, others cost a lot more, but what you get from each club is hard to value, as you gain so many friends, experiences and even skills, that it all makes it very worthwhile. When first joining uni, societies help you ‘spread your wings,’ get to know more people and find other things to do outside of lectures. In my second year I have joined a committee of a society which has increased my participation within SUBU even further, and it is another great thing to put on my CV when I graduate. It’s all these little bits and pieces that SUBU offers that add up to really make your uni experience stand out.
These experiences are what make your time at uni so great – not just at BU but at every university. SUBU has made my student experience even better than I could ever have hoped, supporting me with my ideas, as well as providing such a vast amount of opportunities. SUBU has also just been given a new Student Centre building to grow further, and in the coming years it looks as though SUBU is ready to grow even stronger.

By Louis Sherman

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