Eating as an Indian in Bournemouth

Hi! I am Sugandha Bhadari from India, currently doing my master’s in Corporate Communication at Bournemouth University. Coming from a country that is known as the ‘Land of Spices’, I thought I wouldn’t be able to cook in England or buy spices here, so my mother packed all the spices for me. However, I was… Read more »

The thoughts of an Indian in Bournemouth

I am Sugandha Bhandari, an Indian born in Thailand, studying MA Corporate Communication.  Life before Bournemouth I have lived in different parts of India and interacted with people from all over South East Asia throughout my life. My childhood was influenced by different cultures. While growing up, I was always interested in communicating with people… Read more »

Okeford House – my home away from home

Hi everyone! I am Sugandha  Bhandari from India, currently doing my Master’s in Corporate Communication. Three months ago, if anyone would have asked me whether I would consider my student accommodation as home, I would have straight up answered them with a big NO. However, time changes perception! Choosing your accommodation is another big step… Read more »

The life of a MA Corporate Communication student

I am Sugandha Bhandari from India and I am studying a master’s in Corporate Communication. It sounds like it is a very niche subject, but it is not. This degree prepares students not just for communicating with corporate professionals and stakeholders, but also for handling crisis in marketing communications. Undergraduate vs postgraduate studies A typical… Read more »

Sriranjani’s Journey to BU

“This decision is one of the best I have ever made and there is no looking back” Hello! I’m Sriranjani, a 20-year old Visual Communication graduate from India, joining the MA Advertising course this September. Being an armchair traveler, I decided it was finally time to fly the nest. Pursuing a Master’s degree in the… Read more »