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from India


MA Media and Communication

Hi! I am Sujata Shekhawat from India and I am studying MA Media and Communication. I am really glad that I applied for the role of student ambassador and got selected for it. It is probably the best job one can do. The working hours are very flexible and it is something that I enjoy. My favourite job as a student ambassador is to do phone campaigns. You must be wondering what it is exactly. So, don’t worry I’ll tell you. Let’s get started.

Phone calls are part of the general work support as student ambassador, which involves calling the potential students of Bournemouth University where the future students can ask questions if they have any queries related to-

Living Cost: Most of the potential students have queries related to living cost. Because, there is lot currency difference so the students can ask questions related to it. So, I give them an estimated idea about the monthly living cost in Bournemouth.

Accommodation: Generally when I call the students they ask me questions related to accommodation, that what kind of accommodation options are available in and around Bournemouth. Some ask questions whether they will have to share the kitchen with other people, if the rooms have an en-suite and also are there any options like studio available. Also, I tell them about the various options available for them as undergraduates or postgraduates. January or September intake.

Part time jobs: Many a times I have got lot of queries related to part time work. They ask whether it is easy to find part time work and where all can they find part time work. I tell them about the options that are available in and around Bournemouth and what kind of work is generally offered to the students.

Other queries: There are other queries related to the food options, people ask about the various kind of cultural food options are available or not. People enquire whether it is easy to find vegan options, halal meet, gluten free food etc. Other questions are related to weather, a lot of people are concerned about weather, and some ask questions about the various clubs and society and activities that we have in Bournemouth University.

My experience as a student ambassador doing phone campaigns, calling future students from all around the world has been amazing. I have really enjoyed the experience of calling people from all around the world like Asia, America, Europe, Middle East and Russia. I like the work because I enjoy talking to people, it’s not even like a job, and because I don’t have to prepare anything for it as such I just answer the queries of the people, with my own experience on the topic. Making phone calls and helping the future students by solving their queries gives me immense joy. I have done lot of other work as an Ambassador but making phone calls is my favourite.