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MA Media and Communication

Hi! I am Sujata Shekhawat from India and I am doing Media and Communication.

Moving away from home and living an independent life can be a daunting experience for many, but it’s quite normal. In my case, it was my first time living away from home so I was pretty nervous, I needed a place where I wouldn’t feel homesick and felt homely. So, after having a good look at all the options that were available for accommodation, I chose Dorchester House, which is one of the halls of accommodation at Bournemouth University. I chose Dorchester House because it has the following things that make it different from other halls of accommodation:

Nice rooms

Dorchester house has really good rooms. The rooms are quite spacious, have double beds and controlled heating. There are two options flats with shared kitchen and studios. I chose a studio over the shared kitchen option. I have my own room with ensuite and a small personal kitchen with my own fridge, microwave and hob. It has a homely comfortable feeling and I have my own personal space. The Studio option is only available for postgraduates, not undergraduates.


 Another good thing about Dorchester house is that it has a really good location. It is right opposite Bournemouth rail and coach station. One of the famous supermarket chains ASDA is also very near and just a 2 minute walk away is a Co-operative shop. So, it’s quite convenient to travel from and buy day to day things easily.


It has

a big common room where you can chill or study with your friends. There is a pool table to enjoy your free time and a media system to watch movies and shows whenever you feel like watching something you just book at reception.

It also has a 24/7 laundry room, where you can go and wash your clothes whenever you want at affordable prices.

Frequent UniBus service

The Unibus service is the most frequent for Dorchester house, which is the best part because you need to commute between University and home quite often, there are sometimes big breaks between lectures so if you forget something at home, you can get home easily by the bus. So, the frequent bus service makes it all very convenient. All of my friends feel quite jealous of me because of this as they often have to wait at bus stop for half an hour.

This is a short description of Dorchester house and all the things that I like about it and that make me feel good about living there.

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