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MA Media and Communication

Hi everyone! I am Sujata Shekhawat from India and I am studying MA Media and Communication. Going abroad to study is an amazing experience which you will cherish throughout your life. But the best way to make your study experience smooth is to make yourself acquainted with the study system of the country you’re going to and especially the grading system. All countries have a slightly different way of grading, and in my opinion it is really important for international students to prepare themselves for it.

This blog is especially for any Indian students planning to study in UK. I want to give you an idea about the grading system as it’s very different from India and it’s good to have an idea about it before you come here. So, let’s get started.

50% is a passing grade

In the UK, it is mandatory to get at least 50% to pass an assignment. If you get less than 50% then you fail that assignment. Whereas in India, to pass an assignment or exam, all you have to do is get at least 33%.

Don’t expect 90s

I know that this next part will be a shock to some of my Indian friends, who are incredibly intelligent students in India. For them, scoring above 90% is not a big deal if they write their exams with full preparation and complete their assignments on time and with good effort. However, the case is not the same here in the UK. Getting above 70%, especially in a Masters course, is a big challenge. So try your best but don’t expect the grades you are used to!

Strict marking

The marking is quite strict in comparison to India; the idea is basically to push the students to do more and more research and write a structured essay to get higher grades.

No exams

Another important reason for the difference in grading systems is that there are no written examinations in almost all the Masters courses. When you write an exam, you read the same kind of materials as other students and sit for an examination on equal footing, so you are compared in that way and there are higher chances of getting high grades. But when you are writing an essay, you tend to study from different sources and everyone’s structure is different to one another. So a lot of it depends on how well you do the research and present your topic.

From my experience, these appear to be the main differences between the grading systems. My intention was not to scare you, but to prepare you before you come here for an amazing journey, and a chance to learn and explore.

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