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MA Media and Communication

Sujata Singh Shekhawat, India

I was very confused initially and was not able to make a decision about which university to apply to. I applied to 6 in the UK and got entry into all of them. Making the final decision was the most crucial part. I read a lot of research about each one and spoke to family and friends to reach my final decision. I chose Bournemouth University over all the other universities because it is known for its media excellence in the UK.

The perfect course for me

I then found the course I really wanted. I am studying an MA Media and Communication which has a mixture of different kind of units and it enables students to understand media and the role of communication on a wider scale and it also opens up different career options.

A scholarship with a 50% discount

BU offers a wide range of scholarships not just for local students but also the international students. I got the Executive Dean’s Scholarship in the Faculty of Media and Communication, which is a 50% tuition fee discount.

Friendly staff

Another important reason is that I was very impressed by the faculty and the staff in it. The faculty members have a great deal of experience and they are also very co-operative and helpful, whenever I have a query I send them an email and they always reply promptly.

Media excellence

BU is known as the centre for media and practice excellence in UK. It has a wide range of media courses which focus both on the theory as well as the practical side. The courses are designed to give a practical approach to the students, so they can enter into the world of work with confidence.

I am happy with my course and the university as a whole, it has amazing infrastructure and media studios with the latest equipment as well as huge libraries with really good resources. I am enjoying my experience at BU and plan to make full use of all the resources that are available to me here.

Sujata Singh Shekhawat, India
MA Media and Communication