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MA Media and Communication

Hi, I am Sujata Shekhawat from India and I am studying MA Media and Communication. Working part time is a good way to earn money for your daily expenses while studying, you not only earn money but gain good work experience. No matter what work you do, you always learn transferable skills and gain knowledge that you can use in the future, any experience you gain is valued by future employers in the industry.

When I made the decision of studying in the UK and told my friends about it, who had already studied in the UK. They scared me by saying that Mater’s courses are always very busy and it would be difficult to manage work and studies. But, when I came here I realised that it is about a good balance, if you are good at it you can easily do both the things. You get enough time to work and complete your assignments.

So, let us have a look at the options for where you can work part time:

Restaurants and cafes

There are a lot of restaurants in Bournemouth especially near the halls of accommodation. The category of restaurants ranges from Arabian, Chinese, and Greek to Indian, Italian and Lebanese. There are also lot of African restaurants in Bournemouth. It is not that difficult to find job at these places. In my personal experience, I have seen lot of my international friends working in the restaurants of their own country, because it is fun to work in a familiar environment.

Bars and clubs

If you are outgoing and enjoy a party atmosphere then bars and clubs can be a perfect place for you to work. It is a really good way to enjoy your work and earn money for your daily expenses.

Retail stores

Retails stores and supermarkets like ASDA, Lidl, Co-op, and TESCO are a good place to work. You learn lot of skills, such as good customer care and communication skills.

International student ambassador

You can also work as a Student Ambassador at Bournemouth University which is fun work with good pay of 8.88 per hour. The job is very flexible and you can do whatever work that you like. You can write blogs, create vlogs, do office work, campus tours, work on open days and also work as general support to the university by doing phone campaigns and WhatsApp live chats.

On campus

You can work on the university campus at the various coffee shops, Forum Restaurant in Fusion, Dylan’s bar or at the student shop. There are also other opportunities on the campus, you can work for SUBU, the Student Union, a lot of vacancies are advertised by SUBU through the year.

So, I hope this information was useful for you. I hope you enjoy your experience at Bournemouth by learning and gaining knowledge both studying and working.